Soy Based Screen Printing Ink

Eco-Friendly Soy Based Screen Printing Ink

Wearing colorful printed and dyed clothing has been a tradition of nearly every culture from the beginning of modern history. Near the start of the 20th century, the techniques and inks used in customizing garments began to take a questionable turn. Today, you can customize your clothing with anything that shimmers, puffs, and glows, but one thing continues to trouble us….the use of plastic and plastic solvents in the Screen Printing industry.

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Now we know it isn’t perfect, because we haven’t found (or made) an ink that’s 100% harmless (yet) to the environment, but we’re happy to find one company who’s doing their part to make a difference and to be environmentally responsible.

One Stroke Inks from Louisville, Kentucky has come up with some Eco-Friendly screen printing inks we’re proud to endorse. They’re almost harmless to the environment, and when handled properly have no lasting effect. One Stroke proudly manufactures the environmentally friendly ink in the United States, and continues to support small American owned businesses.

Environmentally Friendly Screen Printing

The Soy Max Series of inks have no known currently listed hazardous materials, nor do they contain any carcinogenic or suspected carcinogenic agents. (Link to MSDS Here: As if that’s not enough, the soy inks were tested and contain <0.1% phthalates, and <5 mg/kg lead….which is a HUGE Accomplishment (Test Results Here:!

How can Plastisol hurt me?

The common argument is, when handled properly and cured appropriately, plastisol inks are not harmful to the environment. This may be true. Additionally, cheap plastisol inks which are most commonly used in budget and high volume screen printing continue to give off harmful fumes, even after cured on the garment. WHAT!?

We choose to use more expensive ELT Inks, Soy Based Inks, and other sustainably manufactured screen printing inks in our eco-friendly screen printing shop.

So, maybe you’ll think twice after reading this…

Is saving a few cents per printed shirt REALLY worth it?

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