Organic Tshirt Alternatives to Gildan

We get a lot of request for the “best eco-friendly” and “organic” T-shirt options available that doesn’t cost an arm-and-a-leg. Below is a portion of an email which we recently sent to a client who was asking for pricing. These are some of our favorite “low cost” options (compared to cheap Gildan), even though the clear winner is Lur Apparel for their ethical values in action.

Email Copied Below:

I’m a HUGE fan of Organic and Eco-Friendly! Not to mention, these shirts are usually made with much higher quality than non-organic. The below price does not include shipping which is between $30 and $50.


Gildan Heavy Cotton (non-Organic) These are the “cheapest” and most affordable colored shirts available. They don’t last as long, and you’re not supporting ethical working standards for those making the garments. Secondly, as a tall guy…I don’t like them because they shrink and get too short to wear.

S – XL = $3.04/shirt
2XL = $3.65/shirt
3XL – 5XL = $4.94/shirt


Anvil 420 – 100% Organic Cotton We love printing on this shirt! It’s one of the most affordable “organic” options available, and is certainly more comfortable to wear. It’s softer to the touch, and flexes with the body much greater. Here’s a picture of me wearing the shirt ( If you can’t afford to get a “premium” (Repair the World option), this is a safe and wise alternative!

S – XL = $4.32/shirt
2XL – 4XL = $5.58/shirt



Anvil 490 – 100% Lightweight Organic Cotton I don’t have a picture of this shirt, but it’s a really good “middle of the road” option.

S – XL = $4.98
2XL = $6.58
3XL = $7.27


Repair the World (Lur Apparel)- Organic Cotton & Recycled Plastic Bottles I’m really a fan of this company and what they stand for. They use recycled cut-offs from other organic cotton manufacturing plants, and mix it with a plastic bottle fiber. The result is a super lightweight shirt that feels like a 50%/50% cotton/polyester mix. It’s a dream to print on, and wear! Here’s a picture of a woman’s version (, printed for one of our customers.

These shirts range from $6 – $7 per each.



There are more eco-friendly, organic, fairtrade options available than the three above. This is just a small sampling of more “affordable” options. If you know of a shirt which comes in below $7 for blanks, and they’re a high quality, ethical company; please comment below and let us know about them!

  • Bruce

    I’m also fan of organic and eco-Friendly shirts, that would be a great options, but I guess there are more of available option. Thanks for sharing!