J America Spirit Tee for Dance Center on Main

The Dance Center on Main

Organization: The Dance Center on Main
Shirts: J America Spirit Tees 8229 (Adult) & J America Spirit Tees 8219 (Youth)
Fabric: 6.5 oz 100% cotton jersey knit
Ink: Florida Flex Glitter Plastisol

This is a spirit tee that we created for The Dance Center on Main (Wedowee, Alabama). Although the final product turned out great, the job required a lot of learning curves for us. This was the first time we had printed with glitter ink and also the first time we had printed spirit tees. The ink was a breeze to work with and with new platens, the shirts weren’t a problem to print.

Excerpt from their website:

The Dance Center on Main is under the direction of Dance Masters of America certified instructor Jennifer Boone Stone. Students of all ages will have the opportunity to strengthen their minds and bodies as they grow to love the art of dance. From the very beginning creative movement class to the most advanced level dance classes, our students gain a solid understanding of proper technique and dance terminology. Studies have found that dance training helps the student prepare to meet the challenges of everyday life such as creative problem solving, discipline, concentration, respect, and relationships with peers and classmates. Our curriculum fosters physical awareness and improves the student’s body carriage, poise, coordination, and appreciation for the art while experiencing the sheer joy of movement. For the serious dancer or the student who dances for recreation, dance helps promote self esteem and provides an excellent outlet for creativity.

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