End of Suffering Documentary Shirts

The End of Suffering

Organization: The End of Suffering
Shirts: American Apparel 2102ORG and Anvil 420
Fabric: 100% Organic Cotton
Ink: Kolormatrix Plastisol

Tracey Glover (also the owner of ARC) came to us needing a design for her documentary film, “The End Of Suffering”. We worked with our graphic designer to come up with a design that was consistent with the message of the documentary. We are proud of how these turned out and feel they go perfectly with her film.

Excerpt from her website:

“The End of Suffering” -a documentary film to save the world. Our world is undeniably filled with suffering. The seemingly disparate problems we face can seem insurmountable. Yet these problems share common roots. They can be traced back to our fundamental disconnection from our own highest nature as well as our disconnection from and exploitation of other beings and the natural world. The world is on fire, but we can put the fire out through realizing our interconnection with all life and living in harmony with the truth of interbeing. The Buddha said “I teach suffering and the end of suffering.” This is a film about suffering and the end of suffering. 

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